We found the Smart Adventure Gear Rooftop Bag an excellent product. Durable, great quality, easy to put on and take off and best of all it doesn’t take up much space when not in use!

The rep was particularly helpful and patient when showing us the product for which we are much appreciative.

Highly recommended!

Henry Gallen


Hi – used our Smart Adventure Gear for the first time a couple of weeks ago (remember the lightning and heavy rain – that was the night) we had all of our sleeping bags / pillows etc on the roof for our car for the 5 hour trip and it was all bone dry when we arrived – very impressed !

Thanks for a great product !

David K


I took a road trip with my family and used the roof top bag. It was really easy to attach to my car. The best part is the way it folds so nice and small that makes storing so easy.

Anna Simmons


The product was wonderful. It was exactly as it was described. We made excellent use of it.




I have used this roofbox on a long journey and find it is great value.
I drove on full speed and I find it very safe and secure.
It’s extremely compact , easy to fit and easy to store.
Definitely recommend.

Juana Torres


Hi. I recently purchased a Smart Adventure Gear rooftop bag and I love it! I use it often like when going when vacationing with my family. It’s much lighter than our old roof box and it seems to fit much more!

The hook system on the Smart Adventure Gear bags feels nice and strong and it is simple to use.

I’ve recommended the product to lots of my colleagues and they are thrilled with the product! Thanks once again! A great product!

Megan W.


Buying the bag was a very clever decision we made for our family trip.
As a family of seven, most of our stuff fit in the bag so we were able to seat everybody in the car with comfort.

It is a very big bag, has lots of space to pack all that the family needs inside including a carriage. (that we put on top between the straps.??)
The bag is very safely secured with the side loops that fit above the car doors.

We had about a five hour drive to our destination and some of the time was pouring rain, upon arrival all our stuff stayed dry.
We would highly recommend this bag for every traveler.

Wilson Family


We traveled from New York City to Niagara Falls with the rooftop bag. It held a lot of luggage enabling us to travel comfortably in the car. I packed using bags and not suitcases. My husband found it a little hard to pack as we own a taller minivan.
We were very happy with the bag. It was easy to attach to the car and had a lot of space for our luggage. My husband started the journey with an ’emergency stop’ to test if the bag had been attached safely, and he felt comfortable driving with it at 65/75 mph.



Thanks for an amazing product! Wherever I went, everyone went wild over it.
Once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to install on the car.
It fit was able to fit a lot of luggage.
Thanks again! It was an amazing experience!
Excellent product! I recommend it to everyone!

L. Fernandez, Jr.


Smart Adventure Gear has surpassed all our expectations! Way better than we thought it would be! It is extremely spacious and easy to use. It folded nicely into the storage bag when we got to our destination. Would definitely recommend it as a 5 star.

Sol F